Frequently Ask Questions
What is a E-Bike?

E-Bike is an electric bike which runs on battery. It’s a green technology which does not require any fuel.

What is the power of Hub Motor?

Hub Motor is of 250 watts.

What are the different modes to ride?

You can ride on the following four different modes –

  • Pedal Mode: Normal cycling modes without turning on the battery
  • Pedalec Mode: This is pedal assist mode in which you pedal and battery also gets activated
  • Throttle Mode – No pedaling is required, just twist the throttle and ride it
  • Speed Mode – It runs on three different constant speeds
What type of battery and voltage used?

It has Lithium Ion Battery of 48 volts.

What is the mileage per full charge?

It gives the mileage of 40-45 kms on per full charge.

Can I charge the battery anywhere?

Yes, we provide removable batteries in GET G, GET MAX & GET 7. You can easily take the batteries anywhere to your home, office, shop, market, etc and charge it there.

How long does it takes to completely charge the battery?

It takes 4-5 hours to completely charge the battery.

What is the maximum speed of the E-Bike?

It has the maximum speed of 25 km/hr.

How many units it takes to charge the battery?

It takes less than half unit to get fully charged.

Does it requires registration, insurance and license?

No, it does not require any of these things.

Is wearing a helmet compulsory for riding a E-Bike?

No, it is not mandatory but is recommended for safety purpose.

What is the Battery life?

It has a battery life of 800 cycles with two year warranty.

Does it require any maintenance?


How to get service for this E-Bike?

You can get the service from authorized dealers.

What is the type of motor used?

High Speed Brushless DC motor is used in this.


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